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About Me

Shanti Zimmerman,

just as human as you...

Welcome to this part of the internet I call home. I am so glad you are here. This is where I will always direct you to trust YOURSELF. That is what me work is all about. I do not have a 'mission' nor a 'manifesto' nor a ‘declaration’. I also do not have a 'vision', or a 'legacy', a ‘purpose’. I have actual skill-sets that help people grow into the adults they know they can be. The work I have created and facilitate is what I myself use every single day of my life to be safe with my own trauma. To hold myself in responsibility and ownership. To be the most trustworthy person I know. To care deeply for myself and others while also having clear boundaries and direct transparent communication. I initiated myself into adulthood through this work. When I say ‘it ends with me’ I am speaking about the trauma and dysfunction of my families of origin for generations. This work is the undoing and dismantling of all the roots of the pain and suffering of my own lineage. It is the work that places me fully in myself. Through this work I am aware of of my every thought, every word, the tone of my voice, the shape of my body language, my choices and my actions in ever single moment. I stand rooted in my own conscious awareness. Right where I was born to be. I believe we are capable of so much more than we have been told. And that coming into adulthood requires skill-sets we never knew we could learn. I provide support and mentorships in human maturity. My only objective, my single agenda, is that you trust yourself the most. 

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