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The Simple Circle: A Year in Maturity

A year long group skill-set learning environment via weekly online Zoom classes and private facebook group.

Dates and Details

We begin on February 12th 2024 with the opening of our facebook group.

We will meet every Wednesday at 5pm Central European Time for 2 hours on zoom beginning on the 14th of February.

We will have a private facebook group where all the recordings will be found and where we interact throughout the year.

We will have breaks as follows:
April 6th-21st
July 15th-28th
Sept. 28th-Oct. 13th
Dec. 21st-Jan. 7th

We will end our time together on February 7th 2025.

You will each, individually, have 6 private sessions with me to be booked directly with me via Facebook Messenger or Email after you have signed up.

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