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Playfully Serious About Being Free

About Me

Welcome to my living room, my kitchen table, my sofa and floor on the internet. This is where I teach and share the skill-sets for adults that most of us didn’t even know we needed. I believe that we learn best when we learn together. I believe we learn best when care is our foundation. 


The myth of ‘adulthood’ is that you arrive there.  

Work With Me

Working with me is a journey. There are no quick fixes, we work together in real life, more directly in your real life where the rubber actually meets the road. We work through skill-sets that place you on the path of being a real adult with the ability to navigate life in the most mature way possible, in full awareness of yourself always. In deep care and resiliency. We learn to think in ways that welcome the nuances and complexities of real life. 

‘I’m finding that employing boundaries provides a feeling of expansiveness — which seems opposite! I have more space for ME and the deliciousness of life.’’

Cara, 'The Clarity of Boundaries'

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