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A Handful of Skill-sets to Navigate our Current Times

We are living in complex times and often can feel at a loss as to how to navigate our experience. Below is a short list of adult skill-sets that can be immensely helpful.

The skill-sets of Pause and Respond counter the learned habit of reactivity.
 The skill-set of Mental Rest allows us to remain active as we rest the unhelpful mental chatter that keeps us spinning in dysfunction and exhausting our bodies. The skill-set of Deconstructing Blame, Shame and Guilt allows us to see the world and reality in real time and to respond appropriately.
 The skill-set of Care places us firmly in the core of our own being while also allowing us to be present and useful and of help to others. The skill-set of Grief helps us to understand that grief is a necessary appropriate and humane response to life and that cultivating a relationship to and with grief allows us to feel more whole, more human, more real. The skill-sets of Nuance and Complexity allow us to hold a both/and perspective and give us the ability to have hard necessary conversations and take actions that align with life. The skill-sets of Ownership and Responsibility create the internal conditions to own our every word, action, tone and communication and open the ability to change our minds when presented with new information. We have no control over what happens in life but we do have choices about how and what to think, how we relate to and respond, and about the actions we take.

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