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Hate is Manufactured

Hate is manufactured, taught and learned, it is not a ‘normal’ or ‘natural’ human feeling/emotion.
 Hate has foundational contributors which are ALSO manufactured man made and used for manipulation and control. They are also taught and enforced and are not normal or natural human feelings/emotions.
 They are, in no particular order, shame, guilt, blame, doubt and fear. Through these five components hate arises, is held in place, and creates atrocious human behaviours and outcomes.
 But none of them are normal human behaviours, they are unnatural manufactured concepts of power, coercion and control. They are man made and man perpetuated. They are taught and instilled in early childhood. They did not exist 8000 years ago. All harm humans do to themselves, each other and the planet arise from them.
 I don’t need nor want you to believe me. I invite you to investigate it for yourself. Not by giving you the research or data that is rampant guessed it...the belief that hate, shame, guilt, blame, doubt and fear are inevitable human experience, natural to humanity.
 But by pointing you to explore them as they are experienced within your own being.
 By giving you the option to look at them differently than perhaps you ever have.

Since they are learned patterns of belief and behaviour, we can unlearn them.
 I know this because I no longer experience them as fundamental parts of my experience and have the skill-sets to know that when they do show up it is a conditioning and not a natural response. I know this because I have been teaching other folks how to deconstruct blame, shame, guilt, doubt, fear and hate from not only their somatic vocabulary but the spoken word as well.
 It requires awareness, a willingness to see patterns that can be very uncomfortable and to make new choices that allow you to change those patterns, over and over again.
 Hate, blame, shame, guilt, doubt, fear can all feel very real. I am not saying that when you feel them you are doing anything wrong.
 I am saying you have been trained and conditioned to reactionary behaviour patterns with them. And this conditioning has been going on for at least 5000 years. So by now we don’t even question them or entertain our human experience without them.
 When someone can invoke shame, guilt, blame, doubt, fear and hate within another, they can quickly and powerfully manipulate behaviours. If folks are kept in a constant internal loop of fear and insecurities that arise from shame, guilt, fear and doubt(which together we could call self-hate), they are easily led to do things they would not do otherwise. When folks believe they are categorically, simply for existing, for being human, bad, when they believe there is inherently something wrong with them, they cannot mobilise or organise in sane caring united with one another ways. Shame, blame, guilt, doubt, fear and hate sow seeds of mistrust, unrest, and make the goodness of being human invisible.

And when no one trusts themselves or others, healthy relating, both personal and at a collective level is nearly impossible.
 In this writing I am talking about them all but when I teach their deconstruction we begin with blame, shame and guilt. We then move onto doubt and fear. We end with hate. We uproot the roots and move to the branches until we have rewired our internal experience to be one that is not reactive with any of them.
 Through teachable skill-sets we CAN not only unlearn them, but live a life without them internally. This is a big part of my life work and this is just the beginning. Manufactured hate, shame, guilt, blame, doubt, and fear are human creations.
 And since they are manufactured it is important to note that since their inception a reality that invokes them has become the norm. What I mean is that horrible circumstances have been created and crafted to create a continuous experience of them all.
 Trauma is the consequence.

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